Use this page to organise Professional Development and Training.

Professional Development from Empowered Learning

If you or your school needs Professional Development or 'a helping hand' with Promethean software or hardware, please contact us directly by emailing details to Promethean PD for availability and cost. Certified Promethean Training and Development people can tailor customised courses for you. We focus on IWB pedagogy rather than a 'death by tools' session. At Empowered Learning, we believe in empowering teachers to enhance their teaching, and because we are teachers we understand how ‘time poor’ teachers can be, and that Professional Development needs to address their needs in a practical classroom environment.

ActivInspire Level 2 Curriculum Developer Course

If you want to join the Level 2 online course offered through this wiki, please email Promethean PD for costs and details. This course is hosted by Empowered Learning Australia, organised and tutored by Australian Level 3 Accredited Trainers. It is designed for Australian educators who would like to explore 'best teaching practice' using Promethean ActivClassroom.

ActivInspire Beginner Tutorial Flipcarts

A series of flipcharts have been created by the Empowered Learning trainers - designed to help you work through the key tools that will give you the knowledge you need to modify or create exciting flipcharts for your classroom. Contact Promethean PD for details. The following charts were developed by Kate Bonica from Promthean and are a great starting point.

Professional Development on Promethean Planet

There are some introductory FREE online courses for ActivInspire on Promethean Planet, for new users and those migrating to Inspire from Studio/Primary at ActivInspire Courses . On the same link, there are also online courses from Level 1 to Level 3 available direct from Promethean, but these courses have a cost attached. There are also helpful hints on the ActivTips page and the Teacher Feature section is a place to watch outstanding ActivClassroom teachers in action!
Click here to be taken to Promethean Planet's Professional Development page.

ActivInspire Manual

The ActivInspire User Guide is the complete manual for ActivInspire - all 336 pages or so. If you prefer a cut down version, we suggest you download the Quick Start Guide instead.....

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