Welcome to this ActivInspire Curriculum Developer course hosted by Empowered Learning.

This course focuses on how you use your ActivInspire skills in the classroom.

On completing the course successfully you will receive your Level 2 ActivInspire Curriculum Developer certificate.

To receive your certificate ALL activities must be completed.

This course consists of FIVE consecutive modules. Each module is visible from the start for those wishing to fast track.

When you are ready to begin, go to 'Module 1 - Skills Check!'.

Good luck with the course. We hope you gain some valuable interactive whiteboard skills.

Please note: All relevant flipcharts have been saved to a separate Dropbox. The link to this box is available from your tutor. You should download all the relevant flipcharts to a location on your own hard drive.

Module 1 - Skills Check!

A good understanding of the software helps you to produce flipcharts that work well in the classroom. As this is a level 2 course we assume you have a good knowledge of the tools available in our software.
In this module you will take a look at flipchart which uses some advanced features. In doing so, we hope to remind you of some ActivInspire features you already know and to give you some new ideas.
When ready, click on the first activity.


  • Activity 3 - Complete the Quiz Flipchart downloaded from the Dropbox and submit to tutor.

Module 2 - What makes a good Flipchart?

We are supplying two resources for this activity. The first is a flipchart called 'Good flipchart', which can be found in the Dropbox resources. The second is an article called 'What Makes a Good Flipchart'.
This flipchart is worth spending some time with. It was created for training purposes, so to find out how to use it you MUST use the Page Notes. One of the points we want to make is the importance of Page Notes. If you don't read them, the flipchart is almost useless.

The final activity for this module requires you to create/modify a Flipchart using Advanced Features and incorporating points from 'What makes a good flipchart'

  • Activity 1 - Open the Article 'What Makes a Good Flipchart'


Module 3 - Preparing for a lesson

This is an important module and there is a lot to be completed. First we would like you to choose a lesson which you will teach in about a weeks' time.
The activities in this module focus on producing a a preliminary flipchart. At the end of the module we will ask you to share the flipchart with your tutor for them to comment on.

In the next module we will then ask you to finish your flipchart, taking the comments into account.

Later on you will use your flipchart in a lesson and provide feedback on its effectiveness.

When you are ready, click on the first activity.



Module 4 - Teaching with your flipchart

By now you should have prepared your lesson plan and received feedback on your flipchart. In this module we want you to move up another notch - you need to be confident that this flipchart will work well with your class. Can you improve any images? Are you using ActivInspire at its very best? How can you get your students more involved?
You will then use your flipchart in the classroom. This is an opportunity to test some of the ideas you have worked on during the course.
When you are ready, click on the first activity.


Module 5 - Evaluating and sharing your flipchart

Well done - you've made it to the final module!
Time in this module should be spent evaluating your work and reflecting on the course. If all your work has been completed satisfactorily your tutor will award you a certificate giving you Curriculum Developer certification. This will be sent to you as a PDF after the course has finished.
When you are ready, click on the final activity.