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Easter - Flip chart all about Bilbies

(Thanks to Naomi Nabbs from Empowered Learning Qld for this one!!! )

Australia Day


Fliphcart created by Promethean
This flipchart investigates famous 'Bushrangers' from Australian history, such as Ned Kelly, Harry Power and Ben Hall. Students will be able to analyse data and vote (with integrated ActiVote) whether they think justice was done for the Bushrangers, or not.

The Australian Government

Fliphcart created by Promethean
This interactive History resource looks at a wide range of issues surrounding Australian government, such as early European law, federal and state law, Aboriginal law and the House of Representatives and the Senate.

Anzac Day

Fliphcart created by Promethean
Promethean Planet blog features a great interview with a teacher from Albany, Western Australia, about using a mix of digital resources to teach Primary students about remebering WWI ANZAC Day heroes.
Anzac Day Blog

The Gold Rush in Australia

Flipchart created by Promethean
This fabulous flipchart looks at the gold rush in Australia, why it became important to Australia and what happened when the gold ran out! It utilises numerous features of Activstudio and shows just what can be achieved with the software.

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