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Teachers Domain
Although this is an American site, it contains Digital Media for the Classroom and Professional Development. Certainly worth a look and free to join and use resources.
This site aims to provide teaching and learning resources to make the use of the interactive whiteboard in the classroom easier and more productive.
An edublog about integrating technology into the classroom. Has a section called Promethean QuickTips, some of which are shown below,.





Promethean Planet Australian Flipcharts, Weblinks and Resources is a collection of all these resources in the one location.

Learning Objects is a collection of favourite learning objects from The Learning Federation.

EtherPad is a Realtime Collaborative Text Editing site that allows multiple people to work on the same text simultaneously. Great for collaborative storywriting.

Pencil Animation If you are just wanting to try out animation, and see if it might fit in with your class, then there is a great free product called Pencil .. It is available for MAC, PC and Linux!

This lets you or your students build up animations using frames (like a flick book animation) and export them in various formats including FLASH files that you or they can embed in Promethean Flipcharts.

It is great on the Activboard because the pen is the natural interface for a program like this... and you can use the "onion skins" (Seeing what the previous page included) to help when drawing details because it is all so much bigger.


Lesson ideas...

- Illustrate how a seed grows
- Develop an animation showing how planets, moons and the sun all move
- Show the cycle of a four stroke engine
- Make characters act our certain moods or activities
- illustrate a life cycle

Or just have fun!

Education Action Zone Literacy and Maths Games
Interactive Whiteboard Links Variery of IWB websites
Quiz Hub Thinking and Logic Puzzles
Brainpop Activities from all Subject Areas
Topmarks Resources from various Subject Areas
ICT Games Educational ICT resources for Literacy and Numeracy
TES IBoard Resources for Prep, Year 1 and Year2

School Sites (Leveled activities across a variety of KLAs)

Copacabana School
Ambleside State School



Fractions is a simple to use interactive site that could formulate part of lesson using the interactive whiteboard.
Leapfrogs is a problem solving activity for upper school Maths..... visually stimulating
National Library of Virtual Manipulatives has a variety of Maths activities
Counton Maths Activities and Games
Funbrain Maths Arcade Games
Woodlands Junior School Maths Games
Bang on Time Analogue time
Maths Dictionary for Kids Interactive Maths Dictionary
Learning Planet Number Games
Coxhoe Primary School Click on Curriculum Links


Starfall is a great website for early learning Literacy. Hundreds of activities for youngsters to make teaching literacy fun on the whiteboard
I know that: Literacy Activities for Kids Language Arts activities
PBS Kids Word and Letter games
Vocabulary Make your own vocabulary games
Education Place Literacy Puzzles
Woodlands Junior School Interactive Literacy Games

Online Stories

CBeebies Range of online stories


Engineering Interact Science missions and investigations
BBC Solar System jigsaw
Project Wet, Water Festival Water cycle
Secret Worlds: The Universe Within Move through space towards Earth


Music Links
Virtual Orchestra
San Francisco Symphony Orchestra


Interactive Maths is a site laden with Promethean and other resources, developed and maintained by Rex Boggs - Rockhampton Queensland

Periodic Table of Videos is a collection of short videos for each element of the Periodic Table