ActivInspire Upgrade to 1.4 is now available on Promethean Planet....... Check out the new features and fixes .....hwat

Downloading Video from YouTube and other sites for use within ActivInspire.

This pdf should make it all clear!!!

Great new Containers Made Easy Resource Pack on Promethean Planet.

If you want a quick and easy way to make activities involving containers, check out this new Containers Made Easy Resource Pack developed by Rob Boyts, Education Technology Specialist from FirstTech, a Promethean Reseller in Minnesota!
Containers are one of the powerful features of ActivInspire. Containers are also a feature that many can people struggle with to make work and/or take too much valuable time to create.
The goal of this resource pack is to allow you to easily create interactive activities using containers. You will be able to focus on the activity you want to create instead of adjusting settings in the Property Browser.
The resource pack is set up with this example flipchart for word-based matching activities. The example flipchart starts with a completed example page, followed by page with a video capture (Quicktime) of the example being created, and finally a page for you to practice on (with page notes to follow along!)
This resource pack is divided into two folders:

  • Templates- 8 resources

  • Word Matching- 61 resources

Changing the On Screen Keyboard to work in Oz

I found this shareware application – Comfort On Screen Keyboard

Download and install the application.

Open Inspire, go to File>Settings and Choose User Input from the left hand menu selection.

Choose User Keyboard specified by user and navigate to the Comfort Onscreen Keyboard application

Close Inspire, reopen and check the onscreen keyboard.


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