Learner Response Quick Start Guide

Download this guide to give you an excellent overview of how to set up, register and use your ActivExpressions or ActiVotes. Great step by step instructions with lots of pikkies.

ActivExpression Teaching Tips

Download this guide to give you some great ideas for setting up questions for your ActivExpressions (or ActivEngage). A variety of learning styles are addressed in this document and there is a section on formative assessmen

Self Paced Learning for ActivInspire v 1.4

Self-Paced Learning offers immediate response details for every student, question by question, enabling teachers to identify individual needs and address them. Results from Self-Paced learning can now be exported to Excel

Here is a Flipchart that explains how to use the Self Paced Learning feature (with examples)

More Information on Learner Response Systems

You can experience the power of Learner Response Systems by going through the Interactive Demo below.


Free online Learner Response System (LRS) course

If you have just got the Learner Response Systems and are unsure of how to use them, then this is the course for you! Click below to access Promethean Planet's LRS course. This course covers ActivExpression, ActiVote, ActivSlate and ActivEngage and demonstrates the Self-Paced Learning feature.


Learner Response Systems forum

Discuss with teachers from around the world the best use of LRS in the classroom.


Below is a video created by Promethean showing examples of how these Learner Response Systems can be used in classrooms.